BELLY UP TO THE BAR

Shrimp & Grits Bar: $5.50: Fresh shrimp sautéed in a savory sauce including Andouille sausage, smoked paprika and other spices.  Guests can top theirs with choices such as white cheddar cheese, chopped green onions, bacon bits, or tomatoes 


Slider Bar: $5.00: Choose from smoked pulled pork, burger babies, savory meat loaf or a combination of two. Served on slider buns with pickles.  Appropriate condiments provided 


Taco & Nacho Bar: $5.00: Crispy taco shells served with spiced taco meat, shredded chicken, chopped lettuce, cilantro, onions, jalapeno and cheese along with salsa & taco sauce.  Chips for nachos included

Quesadilla Bar: $5.00: Warm quesadillas filled with choice of cheddar cheese, pepper jack cheese, smoked chicken or chorizo. Served with salsa and sour cream.

Kentucky Hot Brown Bar: $4.00: A Kentucky tradition.  Personal-sized hot browns built with toasted French rounds, moist turkey, creamy white sauce and cheddar cheese. Guests choose to add bacon, country ham or tomato or all before we fire it to finish before serving 

Greek Bar:  $4.00: Souvlaki Skewers, tzatziki sauce, hummus with smoked olive oil, feta cheese and Kalamata Olives, grilled vegetables with fig balsamic drizzle and pita bread for dipping.

Bruschetta Bar: $4.00: Make your own with your favorite toppings such as apple slices with goat cheese, pear slices with gorgonzola, marinated artichoke and olives, roasted red peppers and feta cheese, and mozzarella, tomato and basil.  Be creative!

Soup and Grilled Cheese Bar: $4.00: Choose two soup flavors (Roasted Red Pepper Soup, Butternut Squash/Pear Soup, Cold Gazpacho) and a cheese type (Cheddar, Havarti, pepper jack, smoked Gouda).  Served in shots w/grilled cheese wedges.

$4.50: Plus up the grilled wedges w/bacon, pepperoni, ham, tomato or avocado

Mashed Potato Bar: $4.00: Creamy mashed potatoes guests can top to their heart’s content.  Toppings may include salsa, cheddar, crumbled bacon, scallions, roasted tomatoes, feta cheese, caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms, pesto, herbed sour cream.  Garlic mashed potatoes or mashed sweet potatoes may be added.  Ask!


Mac and Cheese Bar:  $5.00: Gourmet made from scratch 4-Cheese mac and cheese served in martini glasses with fun toppings to make it your own.  Pepperoni, sun-dried tomatoes, sautéed peppers, ham, bacon, salsa…or let us know some faves!

Barbecue Bar: $5.00: Our own smoked pulled pork, smoked sausage, and cilantro-lime Cole slaw served with slider buns. Also includes parfaits made with Bourbon Brown Sugar Brisket Baked Beans layered with the Pulled Pork and Cole Slaw, topped with a pickle! Cheese and jalapenos for add-ins.

Everything Bacon Bar: $6.00 Bacon-wrapped shrimp, candied bacon, peppered bacon and mac and cheese with bacon.  Silver dollar rolls provided

Biscuit Bar: $4.50 Buttermilk biscuits with choice of fried chicken breast, sausage, chorizo, cheese, honey and jam

Grits Bar: $4.00: Creamy grits topped with crispy bacon, Caramelized onions, Cheddar cheese, Jalapeños, Roasted Red Peppers, Tomatoes, Cilantro, Scallions, Maple Syrup & Butter

                                     Young at Heart

S’Mores Bar: $4.00: So many fun choices! TRADITIONAL: Graham crackers, marshmallows and sweet chocolate bars. SALTED CARAMEL/BACON: Graham crackers, salted caramel chocolate square, crisp bacon & marshmallow.  THE NUTTY BUDDY: Graham crackers, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, Marshmallow. MEXICAN COCOA: Graham Cracker, Milk Chocolate, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Marshmallow. GINGER ROGERS: Ginger Snaps, Lemon Curd & Marshmallow. A crowd pleaser!

Candy Jar Bar: $5.00: Yummy & fun!   Let your guests scoop to their hearts delight and fill personalized bags with sweet treats.  Choose from wedding color-coordinated candy or white and milk chocolate. Great for favors!

Pancake Bar: $4.00: Warm, soft pancakes with scrumptious strawberry, cinnamon apple or blueberry toppings.  Add butter, roasted nuts or mini chocolate chips for a perfect stack! 

Popcorn Bar:  $4.00: Watching the popcorn pop fresh while the aroma fills the room is always a guest treat.  Sprinkle on cinnamon sugar, sweet cocoa, garlic-parmesan or smoky southwestern toppings for a perfect treat.  We can also pre-bag premium flavors (Caramel-Bacon, Peanut Butter!) as a guest favor.  Yummy & fun!  

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